cinema a la fresca

“Cinema a la fresca” the most original proposal that returns this summer

Are you passionate about cinema? Then you will want to continue reading this article where we propose a plan that you will love for this summer.

The proposal “Cinema a la fresca”, open air cinema, returns to Barcelona as every summer. Prepare your picnic, your towel and some jacket in case it refreshes and you do not need anything else.

Totally free you can enjoy films of all times in the same sand of Barceloneta beach or in the grass of the gardens that surround Montjuïc. All this thanks to enormous screens that the town hall installs for the occasion.

Great classics, fantastic movies, among other genres to make the nights of August more special and different that you can enjoy in different spaces enabled by the city.


A complete billboard!

Check out the billboard for the entire month of August here.

Classics like “Basic Instinct” or “I’m No Angle” or films for the little ones like “Brave” or “Zootròpolis” are waiting for you.

If you want to know firsthand other incredible plans to do in summer, we recommend our section: “What to do in Barcelona“.

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