Mobile Week Barcelona


Barcelona has been the seat of the most prestigious international congress of mobile phone, the Mobile World Congress, for 10 years.
This year, and prior to this event that places Barcelona as technological world capital during the days it lasts, the city is committed to becoming a space for reflection on digital transformation.
That’s why since Mobile World Capital has launched a new initiative called Mobile Week Barcelona.
During the days 20 and 26 of February, Barcelona will fill the 10 districts of the Catalan capital with activities.

Much more than an event

The Mobile Week Barcelona proposes a reflection on the digital and technological transformation that we live today to be able to address the limits and opportunities that this transformation provides us.

During these 6 days Barcelona will mix art, technology and innovation allowing citizens to observe how this digitalisation is changing their day to day.

To this end, the city will prepare 60 cultural and scientific facilities, universities, research centers and innovation spaces for Mobile Week Barcelona.


Dialogues, art and inspiring routes. The program of the Mobile Week Barcelona.

The Mobile Week Barcelona will be divided into three groups of activities:

1. Conversations about the impact of digital transformation,

The lectures will take place from Monday 20 to Friday, February 24 in the morning (13:00 to 14:30) and in the afternoon (19:00 to 21h). The accesses will be free and open to the people previous inscription.

2. Artistic creations

The Mobile Week will have 10 artistic creations inspired by the digitalization and the impact of technology in different areas of urban life. Exposed by the different districts of the city, there will be proposals of letters, video-art, sculpture, music, photography, street art or cinema.

3. And ten routes through the spaces enabled for the event.

Ten routes have been organized by different districts of the city to rediscover by the citizens, spaces of digital cultural innovation. Pay attention! It will have limited capacity prior registration.

The Mobile Week Barcelona is a great way to bring the Mobile World Congress to the public.
You sign up? 🙂