Ghost Walk Barcelona

Prepare yourselves for a terrifying “Ghost Walk” in Barcelona

Coming to Barcelona is always synonymous with visiting the major tourist attractions such as the Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera or the Parc Güell.

But we are here to also propose other activities, not as usual, for you to discover another side of the city. Specifically the most mysterious and terrifying face of Barcelona.

We are talking about the Ghost Road Barcelona. totally recommended experience to experience a walking tour in which hidden for centuries through the streets of the city, mysterious paranormal stories.

 Much more than a route.

Fantasmas de Barcelona

The Ghost Road Barcelona, where the most chilling secrets are hidden, is based on the novel by Sylvia Lagarda-Mata under the same name.
A spectacular route that tells the mysterious and awe inspiring stories that have passed since hundreds of years ago.

In the Ghost Road Barcelona you visits the neighborhoods of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and la Ribera where to find exorcisms, witchcraft, bewitched convents and records of phantom apparitions invade the streets that runs along the route and that participants can discover a way mysterious, funny and entertaining hand of a guide.

Dare to walk amid the darkness of the night knowing the grim history of Barcelona. A fully recommended and unforgettable experience.

Do you dare with the full Route?

Fantasmas de Barcelona

1. Arc de Triomf

This is the start of the tour in which you prepare for the next 2 hours. Seek guidance with red umbrella.

2. Plaça del Comerç

This close to the medieval wall of Barcelona, and introduces the ghosts of Portal Nou. This area experienced paranormal activity around 8-10 times a year, from 21:00 midnight onwards.

3. Plaça de Sant Pere

The scene in which it is said that a deceased person has disappeared in the former monastery, which also houses a damaged in the events of the Tragic Week church

4. Flor de Lliri

This street is home to a few guest houses, where in 1950 many travelers mysteriously disappeared … have not yet been declared dead, and their bodies were never found.

5. Mercat Santa Caterina

A market that was once a Dominican convent, and where numerous witnesses have testified that they saw Satan when witches held black masses invoked the devil.

6. Placeta d’en Marcus

This gothic square has seen executions and floggings and since then is said to have been plenty of paranormal events, all with a phenomenon in common – the enchanted wells.

7. Carrer de la Neu de Sant Cugat

Place of the most famous witchcraft School of Barcelona, in a neighborhood where many people identified themselves as witches.

8. Carrer del Rec

This is the location of an irrigation ditch where women washed clothes Barcelona in the Middle Ages, there are many stories that tell satanic acts designed as punishment for crimes such as washing sleepwear.

9. Carrer Montcada

The oldest residential street of Born, and home to many ghostly stories including kidnappings and murders.

10. Carrer dels Mirallers

The case of demons, home to a specialist in the treatment of demonic possessions temple.


Day: Friday
Price: 12 €
Time: 21:30h
Duration: 2 hours
Starting point: Monument Arc de Triomf. Metro: L1 and Renfe Arc de Triomf. Seek guidance with red umbrella.
Final point: Next to the church of Santa Maria del Mar. Metro: L4, Jaume I or Barceloneta.
Fridays from November to March at 21: 30h the route is Castilian / English bilingual.
Fridays from April to October, only Castilian / Catalan.
On Saturdays from April to October at 20: 30h, only in English.

It sounds scary right ?. We can only say one thing. Worth.
If after performing the route Barcelona Ghosts do not dare go to sleep, we recommend this gastronomic city guide to cure fear 😉