What to do with kids in Barcelona

What to do with children in Barcelona? (PART II)

If you liked the first part of our guide to what to do with children in Barcelona, today we bring more activities to enjoy with the little ones.☺

1. Visit museums and see animals:

In Barcelona there are some museums that its subject matter and are oriented to kids, on the other hand, there are other museums that although its subject is something more general, perform different activities and workshops for children. Check out:

Museu de Cera

museu de cera

The Wax Museum usually like kids. It is located in Las Ramblas, near the monument to Columbus and Les Drassanes the port of Barcelona.
Keep in mind that the price of the visit is not particularly cheap as it is a private museum, but the visit worthwhile.
It has different sections like terror, movie stars, politicians and other personalities of history or comic book.
A great advantage of this museum is located right in front of the Bosc de les Fades. A cafe set in a fairy forest that children can enjoy a coffee while adults are taken.
In addition, the Wax Museum is approximately 10 minutes walk from the Maremagnum, where you will find restaurants, shops, cinemas and plenty of space for walking.
Here more information about the museum as input prices or schedules.

Museu Blau

el museu blau

The Museu Blau belongs to the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona and no doubt that children will love. At the entrance to the museum there is a huge whale skeleton, and inside there are many desiccated species of birds and mammals.
The museum is spacious and along the route have projectors with documentaries and mobile monitors with which they can entertain.
According to the time you go, the smaller feature science-related workshops that can be targeted.
It is a fairly inexpensive museum and offers many discounts depending on age, library card, student, etc.
The area where the museum is in the Parc del Forum, where you have plenty of room to walk and children can play and run. In addition, the Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre is just around the corner.


Barcelona cosmo caixa

It is a museum that belongs to the La Caixa Foundation. Its price is very affordable and it’s available different activities that you can target you.
The Museum of Science is not just a central area, but his visit is more than recommended. You can easily pass the whole day in this museum because it is not small and has many exhibitions, both fixed and temporary.

CosmoCaixa has a large garden / terrace where there is a bar and a buffet restaurant free to stay for lunch or coffee. In the garden there are benches and you can eat a sandwich perfectly you take you home.
This museum is in the upper part of Barcelona, an area which can be reached with the Blue Tram, a classic tram dating from the beginning of the century and up to the funicular station leading to the amusement park Tibidabo and Automata Museum of Barcelona.
Discover some of the exhibits that the museum has, by clicking our Barcelona guide here.

Moreover, that children like animals is no secret, so another great safe bet is to choose to go to any of the places that we discussed below:

Zoo of Barcelona

zoo barcelona

The Zoo is one of the facilities in the city that took advantage of the spaces created for the Universal Exhibition of 1888, such as the Parc de la Ciutadella. Barcelona’s Zoo opened in 1892 and has over a hundred years of history. A place where live many species of primates in danger of extinction, such as orangutans and marmosets among which was Copito de nieve, the great albino gorilla who died in 2003. There is also a large collection of felines and mammals, a terrarium with five hundred copies and considered one of the best in Europe, an aviary with a representative collection of parrots and a group of dolphins that delight the public with their daily shows.
At Children’s Zoo you can see many examples of pets and farm animals, such as the Iberian pig, hen meadow and guaran or Catalan donkey.
Click here for more information on schedules and prices.


Barcelona Aquarium

It is located in the Moll d’Espanya in Port Vell, and is a marine leisure and education center specializing in Mediterranean theme. It has 35 tanks, 11,000 animals of 450 different species and an underwater tunnel of 80 meters that allows watch closely sharks. If you want to learn more about the different aquariums and the different activities offered space in our Barcelona guide talked about it you will find all the information you need.

2. Cinemas with children’s programming: The Verdi Kids

cine verdi kids

In Barcelona, there are theaters that have a billboard especially for kids as in the case of Verdi Kids.
The Verdi Kids is a space created for families to have access to the best European children’s films, offering an educational and pedagogical activity but mostly fun. Well, when you have a child one of the things you temporarily stop doing is going to the movies but in Verdi Kids, can re-watch movies on the big screen. The films changes every weekend, so we recommend that you check before billboard web theaters verdi here.

3. Eating with children:

The Pudding Bar

the pudding bar barcelona

Cross the door Pudding is like enter in a world of fairy and fantasy fabrics circus that decorate the ceiling, paintings of aristocratic dogs, giant mushrooms as Alice in Wonderland, ornately decorated walls, blackboards to stimulate creativity child, and a library like Harry Potter full of stories to pick up and read. In Pudding you can have breakfast, lunch, tea, coffee or tea at any time in an atmosphere of great magic. number of activities for children and adolescents also offer: from Chinese classes, introductory sessions to opera. themed birthday parties, and much more are organized. You will find more information here.

La Marelle

la marelle interiorDo you not know the first coffee of children La Ribera yet? It is called La Marelle and is a cultural association for families, a place where parents and children can express themselves freely. Through activities and workshops in different languages children can develop sensitivity and creativity. In addition, La Marelle also organizes actions to accompany parents throughout pregnancy and parenting. It has a space to share a coffee bar on Sunday afternoon. When everyone closes, here you will find refuge. All information to the Marelle here.

Chocolatier La Nena

chocolatería la nena

A perfect place to have a drink with children, place to meet friends and younger are entertained. In the bottom portion it has ample space with colorful tables and chairs and shelves with toys they can use. In the afternoons after school is often filled with families who stop there to lunch. The star is chocolate, but in his letter’ll offer for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.
For sweet lovers you can not miss their homemade cakes and if you want a salty bite have quiches, crepes, salads and sandwiches. You can click here to visit the site of chocolatier and discover its offer.

So there are many places where both adults and children will enjoy unforgettable moments.
Barcelona is surprising for its long range of activities with children, which makes the city even more charming.