Barcelona in July

What to do in barcelona in July (part II)

The climate in Barcelona is fantastic during summer thanks to high temperatures – ranging from 25 to 35 ° C- ideal to spend good times on the beach for example. So, if you still don’t know what to do in Barcelona in July, Fuster Apartments invites you to discover the second part of the essential plans and activities to make the most of your summer in the Catalan capital.

1. The Piknic Electronik: picnic, music and ecology

piknik electronikAn ecological picnic with electronic music

The Piknic Electronik that is to be held in Barcelona every Sunday from 28 June to 20 September, is primarily an electronic music festival that reinvents the concept of picnic. The aim of this event is to bring together families and friends to enjoy a “green” picnic, listening to electronic music. The Piknic Electronik project was founded in Montreal in 2003 by four artists in love with electronic music and that sought to make it more accessible: this is why the Piknic Electronik Barcelona is an innovative event that brings electronic music and culture to everyone . And of course, since it is also an environmental and sustainable picnic, it transmits a source of​​friendly values to the environment. In 2012 the innovative concept of Piknic Electronik ventured beyond its borders to reach Barcelona.

A trendy Lineup

Many names of electronic music will be present at the Piknic Electronik Barcelona, ​​among which are: James Holden, Paul Loraine, Andre Buljat, Pablo Bolivar, Puente & Rosch, DJ Koze, Ernesto Ferreyra, Dave Aju and DJ Sneak during July . In September you will see Masomenos, Sapphire, Timid Boy, Nerone and Nôze among others performing at the Antiguo parque de attracciones, Montjuïc (Joan Brossa Gardens).

piknic electronik barcelona

Tickets an Timetable:

Concerts and activities of the Piknic Electronik take place between 01:00pm and 10:00pm and will last for 13 Sundays with an uninterrupted musical program.

The general price is 11 €. There are reduced tickets (before 15pm or if you have the Carnet Jove) for 9 €. The event is free for children under 12 years. There is a season pass for 30 €. Tickets can be purchased directly at the event.

2. Season Dinner with stars 2016, an astronomical observation and a suggestive gastronomic offer

The Observatori Fabra, one of the most unique observatori of Barcelona, ​​starts its traditional Sopars amb estrellas. The activity takes place at the Fabra Observatory during the summer period and combines popular science and astronomical observation with a suggestive gastronomic offer. The Observatory and dinners want to offer you excellent views of the city of Barcelona. Ideal for an amazing dinner with your partner or friends.

The evening starts with a dinner served on the terrace. To finish dinner, a popularizing activity -a science conference- is proposed. Then it’s time to visit the interior of the Observatory: the museum, the hall early twentieth century and the steps telescope. During this magical night, you can observe elements of distant constellations, stars and much of the solar system, with the telescope of 1904, one of the largest and oldest in Europe currently operating.

 cenas bajo las estrellas observatorio fabraFive-star menus, ideal for the occasion

During the Sopars amb estrellas, you will be able to choose between the Observatory Menu, The Stars Menu or the Gourmet Menu. But the Observatori Fabra also offers a Vegetarian Observatory menu and a Children’s menu for the little ones. Menus are created by Miquel Guimerà, executive chef of Gourmet Catering AZ Premium Group. A privilege for the palate.

Dinner with stars

Schedule and fees

The arrival time at the Fabra Observatory is 20:30h.You can find the prices of the menus and more information on this page.

3. Festa Major del Poble Sec 2016

The Poble Sec Festival is held during the second half of July in the neighborhood of Poble Sec (the 2016 edition from 15 to July 24), in Sants-Montjuïc Barcelona since the 1990s. The neighborhood festival is organized by the Coordinadora d’Entitats of the Poble-sec. The activities are happening in various emblematic places such as the Plaça del Sortidor, the Plaça de les Tres Xemeneies or the Mill Theatre, and are run by different entities. During 10 days full of cultural, gastronomic, sports, concerts and DJ sets, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of pinchos and tapas bars that are scattered around the neighborhood. Dancing, and especially music, have much weight in the program, but popular culture is also well represented, with meetings giants, castellers and correfocs.

festa major poblesecSome traditional activities of the Poble Sec Festa Major

Los Diablos del Poble Sec are organizing correfocs in the festival, leaving the Plaça del Sortidor. After the parade of fire, devils make a final show, followed by a concert of percussion.

Another tradition is that the section of grallers and drummers of the Castellers of Poble Sec organize a small festival (secasac) in which the instruments are protagonists. It all starts with a parade to Plaça de les Tres Xemeneies and then continue with concerts several specialized groups, with the wind and percussion.

In addition, the Giants and the Poble Sec Grallers organize a parade of giants parading in the avenue Parallel. One of the popular celebrations of the city of Barcelona liveliest. Not to be missed!

4. Eat paella in a beach bar overlooking the sea

If something Spain is knowm for something it’s for its paellas. A native dish of the Valencia region, its preparation is very diverse since it can accept almost any ingredient.

Barcelona can boast of having a fantastic coastline with fresh fish, a fact that is reflected in the quality of its paellas, which are mainly prepared with plenty of fish and seafood. Discover here three different beach bars that allow you to enjoy some amazing paellas with a view over the sea.

Toc al Mar

Toc al MarThis place is a real ‘Xiringuito’ with plastic sheeting and metal chairs, all housed in an old fishing cabin. At the foot of sand, in one of the most beautiful bays of the coast of Girona, Toc al Mar has its speciality, the fish grilled oak.

The kitchen snack bar only fish from the boats of local fishermen wild.

Bream, sea bass, snapper, bream, sea bass, scorpionfish, Dentex, authentic Red Lobsters Cape of Begur, Palamos prawns freshly caught … Only fresh produce. The Toc al Mar, paella is an inimitable square paella, which you can not miss, as well as rice with lobster and shrimp creamy rice

Toc al Mar also offers summer concerts at your facility to accompany the meal. The snack bar is open from Easter until mid-October.

The Xiringuito Escribà

xiringuito escriba

In the xiringuito-type Escribà snack bar you may eat all kinds of rice. The owners of this place are of the family of the renowned Catalan confectioner Escribà and have ventured to open a restaurant in seafront with a very interesting proposal.

The Xiringuito Escribà is located directly opposite to the beach Bogatell, a few meters from the Marina area, address Forum.

The desserts card of this snack bar is visual: the waiter brings a tray of different desserts of the day. Great success because on the one hand a picture is worth a thousand words and that by eating by sight, sure we ordered more than you really want to eat … It’ll cost to decide which one to choose.

The Pez Vela

pez vela vista terrazaIt is located on the promenade of Barceloneta and offers a cool completely open to the beach space. A new beach bar concept with a menu based on salads and rice dishes.

Here, it is necessary to forget the typical bars of plastic tables with people in bathing suits and drinking beer. In the Pez vela you’ll find a casual restaurant but with exquisite decor and simple menus while taking care of all the details.

You can choose the type of rice you want to eat on the menu. We recommend these dishes concerning this snack bar you can not miss to try: black rice, the band with scampi, mushrooms and asparagus with sausage, grilled vegetables and rice squid, shrimp and clams. To lick your fingers!

As you can see, Barcelona, this full of life and very attractive city is not lacking any plan and activity to do. Come and spend an unforgettable summer and have fun while enjoying art, history, music and gastronomy.


If you missed the first part of the post: “What to do in Barcelona in July”, check it out here. Enjoy the summer as you deserve 😉