Bizbarcelona 2016: the trade show to become an entrepreneur in Barcelona

Fira Barcelona, the trade fair institution of Barcelona specialized on the organization of trade shows that brings together companies to exchange experiences, knowledge and to promote business, is going to held on 1st and 2nd June the most important Barcelona’s trade show: Bizbarcelona 2016 by Barcelona Activa. Fira Barcelona is the leading trade fair institution in Spain.

The Bizbarcelona 2016 programme:

The Bizbarcelona trade fair will be divided into several spaces that will organize thematic meetings or conferences in order to provide
advice, to back companies, and to support entrepreneurs looking to consolidate their business. Each space will have a purpose and will be directed to a precise type of company among which small and medium-sized enterprises. Many issues will be discussed, and this event in the Catalan capital makes it a very important European city for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to get into the business world.

The entrepreneurs’ event

Among the 12,000 visitors who come each year to Bizbarcelona by Barcelona Activa that takes place in Montjuïc (Fira de Barcelona), half are self-employed or managers of small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, the trade show has always dedicated to them an area called Bizpimes that proposes activities to consolidate their business and to boost their activity’s growth. The Bizpimes space includes conferences and advice working groups giving personalized advice on financing, on innovation in business management, on e-solutions and internationalization. The Bizpimes also organizes networking meetings, monographic working groups,  a labor market and a trade exhibition of products and services that will help you to strengthen your business and to foster your activity’s growth..

 Conferences and advice working groups proposed by the Bizpimes area:


50 conferences are going to be held in the Bizpimes area, where different business issues will be discussed, including business management and digitization. The space will also include 20 advice sessions to get personalized advice on financing, innovation in business management, e-solutions and internationalization. The issue of funding will be central as Bizbarcelona has its own market funding set up by Barcelona Activa and the funding theme which will be common for both entrepreneurs and for SMEs. Thus, visitors will find information on alternative funding formulas, equity loans, crowfunding or IT leasing, as well as the keys to prepare a business plan for investors to draw their attention.

But the issue of social Responsibility will also be discussed in the Bizpimes, and if by chance you are going to this trade show, you  might be able to debate over some issues like the B-Corp movement ensuring organizational sustainability, over trends in human capital and talent recruitment, “low cost” communication for SMEs, over intellectual property, marketing innovations and over marketing strategies allowing you to sell more.

The Bizpimes space about internationalization, is connecting Barcelona to the entire planet:

This space, BizExporta, is promoted by the Chamber of Commerce and organizes meetings between Spanish or Catalan businessmen and specialists from different regions of the world: from Middle East, North Africa, Latin America and Europe … This area will identify the markets that your company should aim in priority and its assets. You will also be taught about the procedures and the required documentation at the time of export, about funding formulas and risk insurance for international economic activity.

If you want to register to the event:

If you wish, you can participate in the event, directly obtaining registration from the official website of Bizbarcelona 2016 (12 €), or by getting it at the event (15 €). If you have a promotion code, you can apply your discount and if you are unemployed, the price to enter the trade show is 1 € (you’ve got to show your ‘tarjeta de Demanda de Ocupación).

The organizers are expecting to advice about 150 companies and to carry about 200 meetings during the two-day celebration of Bizbarcelona, ​​an event that will strengthen and perhaps increase the position of Spanish companies in the world.