Palo Alto Market Barcelona

Palo alto Market; creative market in Barcelona

Near Diagonal Mar shopping center, there is a very special building. Palo Alto is a paradoxical space. It used to be a factory and it is now a green island in an urban setting.

Palo alto Market

palo alto marketLocated in Poble Nou, the Private Foundation Centre of Artistic and Cultural Production Palo Alto is a former factory that was supposed to be destroyed due to the urbanistic reform for the Olympic Games. The premises were saved from demolition thanks to artists, craftsmen, and professional studies that settled there.

The foundation promotes cultural and artistic activities through visits for schools, the organization of exhibitions, the creation of a cultural fund and the building rehabilitation.

Palo Alto constitutes an urban and creative oasis in the heart of Barcelona. The garden as well as the streets linking the different buildings have been landscaped to create a lush vegetation and colorful spaces. The views are incredible and will make you feel like you were outside of Barcelona.

In Palo Alto, you can find professional artists and creators of many fields such as architects, jewelers, photographs, sculptors, designers, audiovisual and multimedia content makers, communication managers, fashion designers and art schools.

Palo Alto is an enclosed space constituting a record of the industrial past of the city. In 1992, Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games, and many factories were demolished in order to embellish the city. This is why you can see so many modern buildings and sculptures in what is now called Port Olímpic.

On the first weekend of every month, a market related to creation, craft, and art takes place from 11am to 9pm in this dreamlike setting. It promotes sustainable development through recycling and creativity to get round planned obsolescence and waste.

palo alto marketPalo Alto represents the link between past, present, and future. The past is perceptible through the building in itself that resisted the reform, and the people working there are trying to find ways to improve our way of living and consuming for the future.

If you are seeking an unusual place to see in Barcelona, Palo Alto is ideal for you. Art and craft lovers will be pleased too, for the setting is very stimulating. The market is the perfect occasion to visit this oasis and understand what the project is about.

Meet nature and civilization, as well as past and future at Palo Alto, the ultimate paradox!

For more information about Palo Alto, you can visit the official website.