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Things to do – Karting in Barcelona

If speed makes you feel alive more than anything else, Barcelona could be the ideal destination for you. Indeed, no matter how old you are, the city has many spectacular karting circuits to offer. Indoor or outside, individual rounds, races in groups, children circuits, and even paintball games while driving a kart are available.

Karting in Barcelona

To help you make your choice, we will explain the differences between indoor and outdoor karting, and give you some tips regarding the safety. You can visit websites or call the karting organizers to make sure they are respected in the establishment in which you plan to book.

Differences between indoor and outdoor circuits

indoor karting

Indoor circuits are often smaller and the surface is more slippery, so it is easier to drift and more precision is needed. Usually, outdoor circuits are wider and calculated to go faster, therefore the karts are not the same. The big advantage of indoor karting is that you don’t depend on the weather, whereas a responsible outdoor karting organizer won’t let you drive under a heavy rain.

karting barcelona outdoorTo summarize, if you value speed over precision, outdoor karting will please you more, but booking an in an indoor karting circuit guarantees you to be able to drive no matter the weather.


Some clubs enable you to train on a simulator before going on the road, and there should be security speeches to explain everyone the difference between bumper cars and karts. Remember that just because you know how it works doesn’t mean everyone does, and other people can represent a great deal of danger on the road, so make sure these speeches are available. Also, full face helmets and seatbelts will be compulsory if the organization is responsible. Long hair should be tied and only closed shoes allowed.

karting barcelonaAs for children, a minimum age is not enough to ensure your child’s safety. Height should also be taken into account as it can vary a lot from one child to another even if they are the same age.

A great way to know if safety rules are respected is to check it out on opinion websites such as TripAdvisor, but keep in mind that organizers can also make a review, so choose a place about which many opinions from different persons are available.

When you have checked it all, don’t forget to enjoy the moment!