Easter Barcelona

What to do in Easter in Barcelona

Now that spring has already started, what better to spend pleasant days in Barcelona during Easter.
Having a Catholic culture in Spain, there are several representative and traditional activities in the week of Easter.
Processions, traditional dishes, museums … a lot of activities to enjoy the week if you have the opportunity to visit Barcelona during these dates.

Easter in Barcelona


semana santa barcelonaAs in Spain, in Barcelona held on these dates a lot of religious events, especially processions. During “Domingo de ramos” the streets are full of people with olive branches and palms to be blessed, and begin processions protagonists are the fraternities and sororities of the city.

Easter in Barcelona will have two processions to be held on Sunday 20 and Friday 25 March.

“Domingo de Ramos”, March 20, 2016
• Procession of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, “La Borriquita”.
• Start: 10:00h.
• Finish: 13:00h.
• Itinerary: Plaza San Augustine Street Hospital, Plaza de la Boqueria, La Rambla, Santa Ana street, Avenida Puerta del Angel, street Cucurulla, street Puertaferrisa, La Rambla, Plaza de la Boqueria, Hospital Street, Plaza San Agustín.

Viernes Santo, March 25, 2016
• Procession of Nuestro padre Jesus del Gran Poder and María Santísima de la Esperanza Macarena.
• Start: 17:00h.
• Finish: 23:00h.
• Itinerary: Plaza San Augustine Street Hospital, Plaza de la Boqueria, La Rambla, Santa Ana street, Avenida Puerta del Angel, street Arcs, avenue cathedral, street Boters, Pine Street, Plaza del Pino, Cardenal Casañas, parking Boqueria, Hospital street, San Agustin square.

Shopping and Restoration

Keep in mind that both “Viernes Santo” (March 25) and Easter Monday (March 28), there are holidays in the city so if you have planned a route of shopping, is best go shopping other days.
Of course, all restaurants will be open, so you can enjoy a good paella by the sea or an assortment of tapas in the center of Barcelona.

Museums and activities for kids.

Most museums are open during Easter, including Easter Monday (March 28) to enjoy the city as it deserves.
The Picasso Museum, the Gaudi House, the chocolate museum, the Museu dels invents are some examples.
If you are looking for activities with children, the Aquarium of Barcelona and  Zoo of Barcelona are two options to consider.

Traditional cuisine

mona de pascua barcelona

Easter is also perfect for trying the variety of traditional dishes of our cuisine. On “Viernes Santo”, Christians eat fish instead of meat, so if you dare to tradition, you can taste a dish of seafood or fresh fish in one of the many restaurants that are scattered around the city.
You can also try different pastas and cookies, such as “buñuelos” or “Easter cake”. The Easter cake is a traditional cake that give the godparents to their godchildren on Easter Monday.


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