Bruumruum! Barcelona

BRUUMRUUM! Design Museum of Barcelona

Barcelona never fails to amaze people, locals as well as tourists. If you stay curious enough or if you simply keep your eyes open while taking a walk, you will make strange, interesting, and sometimes even a bit crazy discoveries that will make you doubt about your mental health!

If you wander at night on Plaça de las Glòries Catalanes, more precisely next to the Disseny Hub building, between 9:30 and 11 pm, you will discover an unusual installation of lights on the floor.


BruumRuum! is a project created by David Torrents & artec3 in collaboration with LEDsCONTROL.

What is it and why?

This installation aims to create a dialogue between passers-by and public space through light and sound.

Concretely, the shapes and colors of the image on the floor created by the lights change according to the sounds on the plaza. In other words, the lights “react” to the environment, and people are likely to react to the lights too, producing different sounds to provoke new changes for example.

Hence the idea of a dialogue between people and the public space.


How does it work?

Sensors hidden on the square receive the background sounds as well as the voices generated by the city and the people, from conversations to traffic through wind, and make the image change according to their intensity. The installation covers an area of 3300 square meters and uses 550 LEDs embedded in the ground of the square.

The installation is in constant motion and the image moves according to the intensity of the sounds it captures, from very noticeable changes to more subtle ones for lighter sounds.


This artistic installation will fill children as well as grown-ups with wonder, and you may spend more time than you expected on the square, observing, singing and shouting.

Barcelona is truly a very stimulating city, and artists always find new astonishing and interesting concepts. This city is a model of open mindedness and enables creative people to try their ideas, as crazy and excessive as they may seem.

While waiting for other cities of the world to take Barcelona as an example, you can still visit it and discover all the possibilities available when people give free rein to their imagination.

If you want to interact and discuss with the amazing city of Barcelona thanks to this curious and innovative installation, head to Plaça de las Glòries Catalanes!