Bosc Urbà Barcelona

Barcelona Bosc Urbà

Barcelona Bosc Urbà, meaning Urban Wood in Catalan, is an adventure park in the heart of the city of Barcelona. It is the ideal activities for families and friends looking for a pleasant time and strong sensations. It is located in Plaza del Fórum, near Maresme/Fórum metro station.

Zip wires, suspension bridges, bungee jumping… come and have a rush of adrenaline in one of the three circuits adapted to children in Barcelona Bosc Urbà!

Barcelona Bosc Urbà

Orange Circuit

orange circuit bosc urbà barcelona

Adapted to children between 3 and 8 years old, or up to 1,30 meters (4,26 feet) in height, this circuit consists of 14 platforms at a height of 1,5 meters (4,9 feet) above the level of the ground. Your child will feel like a movie adventurer when walking on the Nepali bridge, using the 16 meters zip wire, or climbing the pirate net!

Blue Circuit

blue circuit barcelona bosc urbà

The blue circuit corresponds to an intermediate level of difficulty. It is adapted for everyone over 8 years old and has platforms of 4 meters (13 feet) high. Overcome various obstacles such as a monkey bridge, a V-shaped net, or a creeper.

Red Circuit

red circuit barcelona bosc urbà

This circuit is ideal for people seeking extreme emotions: platforms at a height of 6 meters (19,7 feet) above the ground and a zip wire of more than 120 meters (394 feet) long. Test yourself to the limits on an infernal crossing, a rope bridge, and a bungee jump!

Bosc Urbà offers the possibility to organize events for special occasions such as team building events. Birthday parties for children with tea and a birthday cake are also available. Your child and his or her friends will have a great time doing this unusual experience!

Before venturing to the circuits, you will have to attend a safety class and try your hand at using your harness and equipment in a test circuit to ensure that you know how to use them properly and safely.

All the activities are supervised by professional trained monitors that are here to solve any problem you could encounter.

To know the schedule, you can click here.

The prices vary according to the circuit you choose, you can have more information on the official website.

Come to an adventure in Barcelona Bosc Urbà, the first adventure park inside the city!