Mobile World Congress Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – MWC 2016

The Mobile World Congress, one of the most important technology events of the world comes another year from 22 to 25 February 2016 in Barcelona.

MWC 2016 brings together the major brands of mobile sector and comes with innovative new developments to make our lives and companies lives easier.

Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress

We talked about the most important meeting in the world for the mobile industry. An annual event that last year hosted 2199 exhibitors, more than 94,000 participants from 200 countries, more than 140 conference sessions, and over 3,800 members of the international press and media covered the event. A “boom” in Barcelona Tourism.
Both the International Mobile Congress, also it will lead the 4YFN, a global community for new startups mobiles.
In 4 Years From Now (4YFN) large entrepreneurs, investors and innovation enthusiasts gather. More than 400 new companies, 500 investors and 200 speakers will attend the event.

Radiography of the Mobile World Congress

The Fira de Barcelona will host the MWC 16 with nine thematic pavilions. Just a huge space for distribution to thousands of companies and visitors will meet in the biggest mobile event in the world.

MWC 16

The exhibition is divided into nine thematic pavilions. We explain it in detail:

1. App Planet exhibition

In the App Planet exhibition, you can discover a new product applications and services that will shape the mobile industry in the coming months and that will affect our daily life with a very positive impact.

2. Country Pavilion

In the Country Pavilion will be represented more than thirty countries. In each exhibitor represented by a country, they will be proposed technological solutions for people interested in doing business with a specific region can interact with them in a simple and personal way.

3. Graphene Pavilon

One of the pavilions that will impact this year and we have to pay attention, is the Graphene Pavilon. The relevant material, graphene, a form of carbon has unique properties to squeeze in the industry. We are in front of the thinnest material known on Earth, and 100 times stronger than steel, but very flexible. Furthermore it is an efficient conductor of heat and electricity, and is almost transparent. It is for this reason that graphene has many useful applications in relation to the mobile industry, and consequently, in our lives.

4. Green Technology Pavilion

In the Green Technology Pavilion shows and efficient technologies and innovative solutions for the environment, one of the topics of greatest impact of recent decades will be displayed. Find solution to this is essential for both commercial success and the planet.

5. GSMA Innovation City.

As we know, the Smart Cities are already a reality and increasingly hear talk about this concept to integrate it into our daily lives. You can discover the city of the future and see how the connection between mobile products will continue to improve our lives in the GSMA Innovation City.

6. The Internet of Things Pavilion

And that this year will host a new pavilion: The Internet of Things Pavilion. Where the Smart innovation and connected products, create business models to improve processes and reduce costs and risks will be discovered.

7. Mobile Cloud Pavilion

All attention is also focused on the Mobile Cloud Pavilion. The concept, “cloud” increasingly widespread among the mobile community is the future. They will talk about all the benefits and solutions that can provide the “cloud” in our doing. A revolution on site.

8. NFC & Mobile Money Pavilion

In the NFC & Mobile Money Pavilion will see how mobile becomes our hub, if it is not already, also in the form of how we use money today. The increase in the use of smartphones, allows us to develop trends that can make life easier. For example, payment by mobile to forget credit cards.

9. Wearables Pavilion

And finally, in the Wearables Pavilion, presented a bizarre and surprising concept. Innovation in watches and smart glasses or smart clothing … that are not only a source of amusement. These revolutions are also designed to go a step further, as functions in extreme situations that can save lives.

MWC 16

Numerous professional conferences that discuss various fields of mobile technology are also organized, so any details about the mobile industry will not escape.

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