Miba Barcelona

MIBA, the Museum of ideas & inventions of Barcelona

MIBA is an acronym which stands for “Museu d’idees i invents de Barcelona” meaning Barcelona ideas and inventions museum. In other words, it is a small temple of creativity.

The aim is to promote creativity and to encourage people to open their mind, to dare to think bigger and have ambition. Your inner child will be stimulated from the entrance thanks to the periscope enabling you to have an overview of what is awaiting you, or the slide to reach the lower floor. It is the ideal place to visit with your family, children even understand the museum better than adults sometimes, let them guide you!

MIBA Barcelona

Miba museum ideas and inventionsThe museum is divided into three sections: Limitless Society, Reflectionarium, and Corner of the Absurd. What a delightful program!

1. Limitless Society

This area hosts inventions aiming created by brands, technological centers or “normal” people who simply had an idea to make life easier or to upgrade existing objects or furniture items.

2. Reflectionarium

This part of the museum is all about perspective and point of view. At first, you don’t really understand what is going on, just like in the rest of the museum, but when you manage to open your mind a bit more, you finally see the point of all that. Prepare to think outside the box.

3. Corner of the absurd

MIba Museu de ideas e inventos

This area is here to prove that solving a problem is not the only good reason to invent a new item or concept. The corner of the absurd is dedicated to inventions that were created to make you smile or laugh.

There are also temporary exhibitions throughout the year. The current one is available until October the 10th of 2016, and is called “The Chamber of Terror”, showing the scariest ideas in History.

The most important thing to do when visiting this museum is to forget about rational thinking, don’t look for a meaning in everything you will see. Some things are not here to make sense, they just… exist. Again, just be open minded!

If you are not sure how to do it, remember when you were a child, or even better, bring yours if you have one, he or she will show you how to perceive this unusual museum.

For more information about MIBA, you can visit the official website.