Chocolate Museum Barcelona

Discover the Barcelona Chocolate Museum

Have you ever wonder what life would be without chocolate? Our distant ancestors in Europe had no idea what chocolate was before the XVIth century, when Cortes brought cocoa from America to Spain and added sugar to it.

Discover the origins of chocolate, its arrival in Europe, and why it is good for you in Barcelona Chocolate Museum.

Barcelona Chocolate Museum

Chocolate Museum

Located in Carrer Comerç, near the Zoological Gardens, Barcelona Chocolate Museum greets adults and children in its historical building, a former monastery, currently divided into 8 different areas, all dedicated to chocolate.

Tasting and taking part

The most pleasant area is of course the Shop-Café where you can taste hot or cold chocolate and pastries, and buy international chocolate specialties… For scientific purpose of course.

A large range of activities for all ages are organized, such as the lollipop confection, painting with chocolate, guided tours, and many other tasting sessions and original discoveries about the different ways of using chocolate.


Learn the history of chocolate from the Maya and Aztec civilization to its arrival and popularization in Europe in the area soberly called: “Chocolate, a bridge between cultures.”

Also, an interactive and visual history of chocolate is available in the Audiovisual area.


Then, in the Cocoa and Chocolate area, you can discover the process of chocolate making from the cocoa seed to your mouth, through the growing of the cocoa tree.

The Machinery room enables you to see the principal machines that are used to work chocolate.

Creation and Art

Chocolate is a source of pleasure but also of creation, see how it has inspired artists in the Art and Creation space.

More than a source of inspiration, chocolate can also be a material for art in itself, come and see by yourself in the Confectionery and Chocolate area.

The chocolate museum

In the same idea, in Barcelona Room, you can see chocolate figures part of the Catalan confectionery tradition

Come, taste, and learn about chocolate in Barcelona Chocolate Museum, your children will be amazed, and so will you!

Barcelona chocolate museum: Willy Wonka approves!

For more information about Barcelona Chocolate Museum, you can visit the official website.