Carnival Sitges, Barcelona

Sitges Carnival, the next stop.

Sitges Barcelona

Sitges is a gorgeous town in the Mediterranean coast. More than a simple postcard setting, the city hosts and organizes many different events and shows like Sitges Carnival.

The beautiful town of Sitges will be celebrating the Carnival with music, dancing, costumes, and colors once again. This year, the event starts on February the 4th and stops on the 10th.

Sitges Carnival

Here is the schedule of the activities available during the festivities.

Tha party begins: Sitges carnival

Jueves Lardero means “Fat Thursday” in Spanish. It is celebrated on February the 4th. On this day, people abuse food, especially fat and sweet one, for the Christians are supposed to fast for 40 days from the next week to celebrate Lent. Nowadays, non-religious people take advantage of this tradition to eat a lot but don’t do the traditional fast afterwards. How convenient it is when only the best part of a tradition is kept!

It is on this day that Carnival King and Queen will arrive at Sitges, maybe guided by the smell of crêpes… Their arrival, called l’Arribo, occurs at 7:30 pm and allows the celebrations to start with a parade led by Their Majesties.

They can be seen all around the city during the following week, for they will be visiting schools and attending parties and shows.

Carinval Sitges: Parades

Sitges Carnival

Two kinds of parades are organized. One for children and one for adults. The children’s parades (Rua Infantil) will take place at 12, and the Rua Disbauxa at 8pm on Sunday 7th and on Tuesday 9th; the Rua infantile will take place at 3pm and the Rua Extermini at 8pm.

At the end of these wonderful shows of creativity and colors, balls are organized, during the afternoon for children, and at night for adults.

Ash Wednesday

Carnival Sitges
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Ash Wednesday, or Miércoles de Ceniza in Spanish, takes place on February the 10th, it is the last day of the Carnival. On this occasion, the Carnival king will be buried, and everyone will be wearing black to pay a tribute to the one who was their king for one week.

Of course, bars and nightclubs will organize their own events for the occasion, you can have a drink to discover a different way to celebrate the Carnival!

Come and party in a wonderful town at Sitges Carnival! Be sure to bring your costume!