Fabra Observatory Barcelona

Fabra Observatory Barcelona

Do you ever raise your head and gaze at the stars wondering what’s happening up there? Do you like this strange and kind of scary feeling of smallness in the vastness of the universe? Quench your thirst for knowledge and learn more about the stars in Barcelona Fabra Observatory.

Fabra Observatory

fabra observatory barcelona

Located on the Tibidabo Mountain, the Fabra Observatory enjoys a privileged spot to observe the stars. There, scientists study three main fields: astronomy, meteorology and seismology.

On specific days, it welcomes astronomy and science lovers to enable them to visit the facility, to learn about astronomy, meteorology and seismology, to watch the stars through its big telescopes, and even to enjoy a dinner under the stars.

Moreover, its location gives you the possibility to gaze at a wonderful view of Barcelona, which is as stunning by day as it is by night.

If you are curious about our world and universe, the Fabra Observatory could become your favorite place in Barcelona!

1. Daytime visits

You can enjoy a guided tour of the Observatory by the scientists working there. They will tell you about astronomy, the functioning of the telescopes, meteorology, and seismology.

This activity is available on Sundays and holidays at 11 and 12:30 except in August and year’s end celebrations.

2. Night-time visits

On Fridays and Saturdays from October to June, you can visit the observatory by night. The visit includes the observatory museum, conferences about the stars and the Fabra Institute, and the observation of the stars through the big telescope.

The schedule and the celestial body observed vary according to the time of the year. It can be the moon, Neptune or Uranus. The calendar is available here. The reservation is obligatory.

3. Dinner under the stars

Fabra Observatory

From June the 14th to September the 28th and from Tuesday to Sunday, you can enjoy a dinner under the stars and observe them through one of the big telescopes. It is an ideal activity to share with your significant other.

Stay curious about our world and learn more amazing facts about our universe thanks to the Fabra Observatory!

For more information about Fabra Observatory and to book your activity, you can visit the official website in Catalan.