Art Exhibitions Barcelona

2 wonderful contemporary art exhibitions in Barcelona.

Until 31st January, the Lliure Theater on Montjuïc Hill hosts Library of Strings and Knots; and Library of Noises and Sounds, two undefined contemporary art exhibitions or theatrical performances created and directed by José Antonio Portillo and Enric Monfort.

They will take you to an unusual journey in the depth of your memory, your mind, and your brain.

Contemporary art exhibitions in Barcelona

It is difficult to tell what kind of art they are: performances, exhibitions? What is sure is that it is a singular and remarkable experience for the ones who will step in these installations.

1. Library of Strings and Knots

This installation is the repetition of the one José Antonio Portillo created last year, because it has interested many people when it was first exhibited.

In a circular wooden structure, you will be able to discover items, fragments of life such as unpublished manuscripts, blueprints, sheet music, poems and objects found in the trash bin. All these memories are stuffed into cylinders which you can grasp and open to see what treasure from the past they hold.

A pertinent metaphor of memory that will make you want to open the boxes stored in your attic.

2. Library of Noises and Sounds 

When you attend this performance, you will be in an octagonal library representing our brain and the system it uses to interpret sounds. Enric Monfort, percussionist, will accompany you in real time in this metaphorical journey inside your brain. The physical process as well as the emotional meaning are explored and analyzed.

Contemporary art

These performances shaped like cabinets of curiosities invite you to try an unusual experience inside the mind, the memory, and the brain. It is the ideal activity to do with curious children and grownups. It will remind you to pay attention to small details, for they can seem much more significant and magical years after.

Discover what is hidden in your mind and your brain thanks to the Library of Strings and Knots and the Library of Noises and Sounds!

The performances are available for families on Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00, and for schools from Tuesday to Friday at 10:00 and 11:30 am.

For more information about Library of Strings and Knots and Library of Noises and Sounds, you can visit the official webpage.