What to pack for Barcelona

What to pack when going to Barcelona?

Travel to Barcelona is one of the most amazing experiences. So it is important not to forget anything for your days in the city. From the Fuster Apartments Blog we‘re going to guide everything necessary for you to spend pleasant days by colorful and cosmopolitan streets of Barcelona.

What to pack when going to Barcelona?

There are some items that you need to have no matter the season. You will need your toiletries and basic medical supplies of course, your camera because the city is simply gorgeous, your sunglasses, because even in winter the sun can be pretty dazzling, and very important: comfortable shoes, because not only will you walk a lot, but you will walk in inclined streets. If you are not from Europe, a European electrical outlet adapter could be useful too.

Autumn and winter in Barcelona

autumn winter BarcelonaFrom November, the temperature starts to cool down, but it is still very sunny. You won’t need your big down jacket here, a trench coat should be enough. You should bring warm clothes such as sweaters but not only, sometimes, the weather is milder than expected, so some T-shirts with light jackets could be useful, as well as a leather jacket for the night.

That said, don’t forget to bring an umbrella, rain does exist in Spain. About your trousers, we suggest you not to bring shorts because the winter wind can be very unpleasant to feel on your legs, and not to forget tights if you bring dresses or skirts.

As for your shoes, a pair of boots or ankle boots for your nights out, a pair of tennis shoes or any comfortable closed shoes to walk around are the basics.

Spring and summer in Barcelona

Spring Summer BarcelonaSummer can be extremely hot in Barcelona, so give priority to light clothes. Some shorts, skirts, tank tops and light T-shirts will be necessary. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit to be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches. A light jacket could be necessary at night.

A hat and a sunscreen are necessary to protect from the sun, a little fan can be appreciable too, but you can find a cheap one in every corner of the Eixample district, so no need to bother taking one in your luggage.

We recommend you to bring flip flops for the beach, sandals, or any kind of open shoes. To walk in the city, however, avoid the flip flops, it will make you suffer a lot. The best option stays the tennis shoes, it is worse to get a blister (it can really ruin your trip) than to be a little hot at the level of your feet.

Like in every big city, pickpockets are around the touristy areas. A backpack is better for your back than a handbag, but it is less safe. If you choose to use a backpack, which is better if you have back pains, avoid putting your valuables in an easily reachable part, and remember to check on it regularly. However, if you prefer to carry a handbag, try to make it as light as possible, but keep in mind that a bottle of water, even a small one, is necessary to avoid dehydration during hot days.

You are now ready to go, don’t forget to check your passport if you are not from Europe though!