Apartments near Sagrada Familia

Apartments near Sagrada Familia

Fuster apartments Barcelona, propose you to rent an apartments near Sagrada Familia. This neighborhood has a lot to offer not only regarding activities and cultural visits, but there is also a large range of restaurants and bars very close to our accommodations. Here is a selection of some good restaurants and bars located at less than a 10 minute walk from our apartments.

Apartments near Sagrada Familia

Restaurants near Sagrada Familia

1. La Perla de Oro Restaurant

Barcelona Restaurants

Of course you need to try tapas at least once when coming to Barcelona. The good news is there is an excellent tapas bar only one minute away from our apartments. La Perla de Oro was born thanks to the marriage between a Spanish woman and a French man. The cuisine bears both these influences. It is pretty unusual to eat tapas in French bistro, so try it while you can at La Perla de Oro!

2. Embat Restaurant

Embat Restaurant

Five minutes away from our apartments near Sagrada Familia, in Carrer de Mallorca, you can find Embat restaurant. Embat is a simple, small restaurant where you can take your breakfast, your lunch or your dinner according to the time of the day. Chef Santi Rebés is an expert in prestigious cuisine and desserts. He cooks his dishes with high quality products, and mixes international influences and Catalan tradition in his cooking. His surprising and delicious cannelloni are very well known.

3. Bembi Restaurant

Bembi Restaurant

If you want to taste something more exotic, Bembì is an Indian restaurant located eight minutes away from our apartments. Everyone who tried this restaurant recommend it for the friendly atmosphere and the delicious and authentic flavors. It is open both for lunch and for dinner until late at night. It is selected for the 2015 Premios Restalo, a website which uses its users’ opinions to identify Barcelona’s best restaurants.

Bars near Sagrada Familia

1. Whi not cocktail bar


If you want to sip a delicious and creative cocktail in a modern and avant-gardist atmosphere, you may like the Why Not Cocktail Bar. The friendly staff of this small bar will help you make your choice, and thematic nights with DJ are often organized.

2. Dow Jones Bar

Dow jones Barcelona

Dow Jones bar changes the price of its drinks according to their popularity, just like in stock market. The atmosphere is really entertaining as you can often see people running to the bar to have their drink at the best price. The atmosphere is very friendly, the concept attracts international customers who are willing to meet new people.

If you want to feel the excitement of the stock exchange without taking too many risks, come to the only place where a crash is a good thing!

3. JazzMan Club Barcelona

Jazzman Bar Barcelona

For jazz lovers, the JazzMan is located at only an 8 minute walk from our accommodation. A small, welcoming bar where you can enjoy live or vinyl music while sipping a good Gin&Tonic. Every Monday, a live jazz concert is organized. Thanks to the small size of the bar, the sound is amazing, and the decoration is tasteful and in harmony with the theme.

Choose Fuster Apartments for your accommodation to be in the cultural, historical, and social heart of Barcelone! And remember: our apartments near Sagrada Familia.