Useful apps to use in Barcelona

5 apps to make the most of your stay in Barcelona

Barcelona is a smart city, and for this reason, many apps are available to make your life or your trip easier, here are five of the best apps regarding Barcelona.

5 apps for enjoy Barcelona

1. Barcelona Guía Oficial

Barcelona app

If you are tired of spending hours on various websites to plan your day, you can download this app for free!

The touristic offer of the city in your hands. You can find easily what to visit thanks to lists organized by categories or areas. The must-see attractions are pointed out, you have access to the opening hours and pictures of the place.

The app is available in the Play Store and the App Store in Spanish, English, German, French and Italian.

2. Barcelona Restaurants

Barcelona Restaurants

Tapas, paellas, Catalan, Chinese, Libanese, Japanese, Italian food… There are plenty of restaurants in the city, some streets are filled with restaurants proposing the same products, and it can be really difficult to make a decision.

Solve this problem by downloading Barcelona Restaurants app! You will have access to advice about 170 affordable gourmet restaurants of high quality. You can select your criteria, find precise information about the restaurants, and save the ones you prefer in your “favorites”.

The app is available both in the App Store and the Play Store in Catalan, Spanish, English and French

3. Glovo

Glovo app Barcelona

Did you forget to bring something important in your luggage? You don’t know where to find the product in Barcelona? Don’t worry, Glovo is here for you!

This app is available the App Store and the Play Store, it enables you to send a demand and to receive the item you need wherever you are in Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia, in less than an hour. When you made your request, a “glover” will go and find what you need, you can follow his progression thanks to the GPS service, and he might call you if he has any doubts to make sure you will be satisfied.

In other words, Glovo is a free app that enables you to hire the services of a butler when needed.

4. TMB app

TMB appThis app available on the Play Store and the App Store will enable you to know when the next bus, metro or train is coming in real time, and to plan your journey with precision. All you have to do is writing where you are (or simply use your phone’s GPS) and where you want to go, the app will reckon the fastest way according to your criteria.

5. La Barcelona de Gaudí

Gaudí app BarcelonaAntoní Gaudi, the genius architect, has a lot to do with the beauty and the fame of Barcelona. His famous creations from Casa Battló to Park Güell through the Sagrada Familia, among many others, attract a lot of tourists each year. Thanks to the app Gaudí BCN, you can discover eleven unforgettable places created by the modernist artist, of which five were declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The app consists of more than an hour of audio guiding to learn the specificities and history of these architectural gems.

It is available both in the App Store and the Play Store in English, French, Spanish and Catalan.

Welcome to Barcelona, a smart city that will make your life easier!