Veggie Restaurants Barcelona

The best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Vegetarians don’t eat meat, but nothing forbids the meat lovers to eat vegetarian food. It is actually healthier to avoid eating meat every day, both for your body and our planet, indeed, current meet production and overconsumption increase the pollution level.

Whether you are a vegetarian, or a meat lover, you can enjoy a meatless meal. Especially in these restaurants where meatless does not mean tasteless. Even carnivorous who tried them recommend them!

The best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Rasoterra vegetarian restaurant

Rasoterra Vegetarian Restaurant

Wellness and sustainability are Rasoterra’s motto. The staff of this restaurant believes in universal values of respect and sharing and considers cooking an act of love, which enable the customers to eat organic, seasonal and local products, to drink filtered water for free because they think it is a right that everyone should have, and to benefit of the highest quality at a reasonable price. These values are displayed on the restaurant website in a manifesto.

The restaurant proposes delicious à la carte dishes, for dinner and tapas. The special dishes of the day vary according to the season and the availability of products, which guarantee customers to eat quality products in a context of respect for nature.

For more information about Rasoterra restaurant, you can visit its official website.

Sésamo vegetarian restaurant


Sésamo restaurant is often ranked among the ten top vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona and in Spain.

Small and welcoming, Sésamo proposes a creative and tasty vegetarian cooking with organic and seasonal products. It proposes a tasting menu and à la carte dishes with international influences. The ceps croquettes are very popular.

For more information about Sésamo restaurant, you can visit its Facebook page.

Maoz vegetarian restaurant

Maoz vegetarian Restaurant

Coming from Amsterdam, Maoz is an international vegetarian fast food restaurants franchise enabling you to create your own sandwiches and salads by choosing ingredients, toppings and sauces according to your tastes for a good price. The restaurant’s specialty is the Maoz falafel sandwich, which is considered among the best falafels in the world. Ideal to grab a quick and healthy lunch when you don’t have much time, Maoz Barcelona restaurant is the only one of this franchise in Spain and is located in Carrer de Ferran.

We finally have the possibility to enjoy healthy fast food!

For more information about Maoz restaurant, you can visit the franchise’s official website.

If you need another proof showing that being vegetarian doesn’t mean eating only salad, try something new and taste the delightful dishes of one of these great restaurants!