CosmoCaixa Barcelona

CosmoCaixa Barcelona Science Museum

How does our planet work? And our universe? Where do we come from?

Everyone has already wondered about these topics. Throughout History, human species has fully or partially answered some of these issues, and today it is taught in school under the name of science. We all know that earth is rotating around the sun for example. But do we really know it? Someone, the teacher for example, told you so, but have you ever verified that it was true, or do you just trust people who seem or are supposed to know?

CosmoCaixa will enable you to understand where these discoveries come from, the thoughts that led to them, and the scientific proofs about them.

Don’t just hear and repeat facts, understand them in CosmoCaixa!

CosmoCaixa Barcelona Science Museum

The museum consists of 7 permanent areas.

1. Drowned Forest

Cosmo Caixa Drowned Forest

The Drowned Forest consists of 1000 m2 recreating the characteristics of the Amazonian tropical forest: temperature, humidity, sounds, and more than 100 living species of plants and animals. Discover the behavior of different species in various environments: underwater, on the ground, up in the air…

2. Hall of Matter

The Hall of Matter will show you the History of matter and its evolution from the origin of the universe to our time. A large range of topics are approached in this exhibition, from the origin of life, to the biological History of humanity and life in general, using concepts of physics, neurology, and biology.

3. Geological wall

Cosmo Caixa Geological Wall

The Geological wall consist of 7 cross-sections of rock to enable you to understand the History of our planet through geology. Climate change, natural catastrophes… it is all written underground!

4. Planetarium

The planetarium proposes you to discover our universe and its genesis in a dome so you are surrounded by space. Moreover, the planetarium uses 3D technology for a complete immersion.

5. Touch Touch

Cosmo Caixa Touch Touch

Touch Touch aims to create respect towards other living beings, this area proposes you to learn about nature and animals by observing and interacting with different species under the surveillance of a professional who will teach you the specie’s characteristics and respect toward it. There are three different environments to observe: forests, deserts, and Mediterranean waters.

6. Meteorological station

Learn how to predict the weather thanks to several factors such as temperature, humidity or pressure in the meteorological station!

7. Children areas

Cosmo Caixa Children areas

To arouse children’s curiosity about science, the museum created two areas adapted to them.

Click is an interactive area for children from 3 to 6 years old, where they can observe, experiment and learn while playing.

The Bubble Planetarium enables children from 5 to 8 to learn about astronomy, while taking part in games and activities.

Practical laboratory workshops, lectures by scientists, courses, conferences, debates and temporary exhibitions are also organized throughout the year.

Learn how our world works in CosmoCaixa Science Museum

For more information about Cosmo Caixa Science Museum, you can visit the official website.