Barcelona Aquarium

Barcelona Aquarium

70% of our planet consists of water, and the large majority of the underwater world has not been explored yet. However, to discover what we currently know about it, you don’t need to dive yourself, just come to Barcelona Aquarium! Then you will know everything you need to explore the sea.

Barcelona Aquarium houses more than 11 000 animals from the Mediterranean Sea. It is the largest Mediterranean-themed aquarium in the world.

Barcelona Aquarium

Different aquariums

Barcelona Aquarium

The Ocearium is the largest one in Barcelona Aquarium. It contains 4 million liters of water and many Mediterranean species such as giltheads, moray eels, and even two types of sharks. A transparent tunnel enables the visitors to wander among the various species.

14 other Mediterranean aquariums will enable you to see different marine communities and areas such as the Ebro Delta, the Cave and Crevice community, or the Medes Islands.

7 Tropical aquariums host the most characteristic species of tropical waters, such as corals, sharks, and poisonous and aggressive fishes.

Some small themed aquariums will enable you to focus on little species that would be unnoticed in a largest one, such as seahorses, invertebrates, or sea dragons.

Planeta Aqua is an area in which you will discover different species which have adapted to different aquatic environment, from the coldest sea, to a tropical river.

Jewels of the Sea is a permanent exhibition of all kinds of shells discovered all around the world.

Warning, all these wonders may trigger a vocation in your children’s mind…

Activities in Barcelona Aquarium

Barcelona Aquarium

If looking at the sharks through a glass is not impressive enough for you, you can dive with them! Of course, you will be in a cage, Barcelona Aquarium doesn’t feed sharks with its guests.

However, if you want to discover how animals are fed, you can watch the sharks, the penguins, and the rays’ feeding times.

Explora! To explore magnified copies of the Ebro Delta, the Costa Brava, and the Medes Islands coastline environments, come to the children’s area.

A quiz is available on the official website so children can answer the questions during their visit to the aquarium.

Children are also invited to spend a night surrounded by sharks and other species and observe them as they wake up.

If your child is a sea enthusiast, he can even celebrate his birthday at Barcelona Aquarium to share his passion with his friends!

Come and discover the wonders of the sea at Barcelona Aquarium!

For more information about Barcelona Aquarium, you can visit the official website.