Best Mexican Restaurants in Barcelona

What do you feel like eating today? We help you in so appetizing decision. We will propose three of the best Mexican restaurants in Barcelona by the team Fuster Apartments Barcelona.
We are hungry and we want spicy food today.
Whether you are more traditional Mexican food or Tex-Mex.

There they go!

Best Mexican Restaurants in Barcelona 

1. Rosa Negra Barcelona Restaurant


In the Mexican restaurant Rosa Negra enjoy a cozy atmosphere as you try really good dishes.
His specialties are closer to ‘Tex-Mex’ that traditional Mexican cuisine.
Don’t leave without taste their quesadillas, nachos with jalapenos and beef or stuffed burritos. You can combine the dishes with excellent caipirinhas and mojitos.
They have a lunch menu so it becomes a tempting option. At night, Rosa Negra Restaurant becomes a cocktail wrapped in an amazing environment near the center of Barcelona.
Address: Via Laietana 46, 08003 Barcelona

2. Cantina Machito Barcelona Restaurant


The Machito Cantina is located in Gràcia. One of the best options if you want taste a traditional Mexican food.
In the Cantina Machito you can try a good list of local dishes surrounded by a great atmosphere to make you feel in an authentic Mexican cantina.
We recommend as authentic ‘cochinita pibil’ or ‘chicken with mole poblano’ dishes. Ask to waiter if you have any doubts. They are always willing to help you in your choice.
In the Cantina Machito Restaurant also make cocktails, mojitos and margaritas but we especially recommend flavored waters. A perfect complement to eat.
Address: Torrijos, 47, 08012 Barcelona



3. Besame Mucho Mezcal Barcelona Restaurant



Besame Mucho Mezcal restaurant is distinguished from other Mexicans from Barcelona to provide iberomexicana fusion cuisine.
They offer a wide variety of tapas and a very fine menu to offer a product of high quality.
The treatment is excellent. In addition you always have the opportunity to ask about the best tapas of the day if you ask the waiter.
We recommend the cannelloni mango, guacamole with totopos and a dessert truffles.
Carrer Laforja 128 | corner with C / Friend, 08021 Barcelona.

After meeting 3 of the best Mexican restaurants in Barcelona, the most difficult decision is now…

What’s your choice?
Take advantage!

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