Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona has some of the most unique and inspiring architecture in the world, so a tour of the city’s parks, museums and churches is a must. And one of the things you won’t want to miss out on seeing is the Barcelona Cathedral.


Barcelona Cathedral

The construction of the magnificent Gothic Barcelona Cathedral started on 1 May 1298, on the site of a Romanesque temple. The work was carried out in three stages over 150 years. Like many of the religious buildings, construction had to move at a slow pace. The main facade was raised at the end of the 19th century, while the 90-meter high cimborio went up in 1913.

In 1969 the blackened domes were cleaned, the altar adapted, illumination installed and the archives were renovated. These actions were carried out following the guidelines established in Vatican Council II. The facade and cimborio were restored between 2004 and May of 2012.

Today,Cathedral receives three million visitors per year. The magnificence of its Gothic art, the marvelous Gothic and Baroque altarpieces, its choir, the baptistery and the sepulcher of Saint Eulalia are evident to all observers.
Located in Barcelona’s Gothic neighborhood,the cathedral offers all the fundamental religious services. There are daily Masses, well-attended confessions, baptisms of children and adults.

They also provide shelter and vigil services, aimed at maintaining order and attending to those people who require special attention.

Barcelona Cathedral

Visit the Cathedral Basilica of Barcelona and you will be surprised by what is has to offer as a temple, a museum, a sanctuary,….
Visiting hours:

Week days

      • 8.00-12.45 (Cloister: 8.30-12.30)Free entry
      • 13.00-17-30: Entry with donation
      • 17.45-19.30(Cloister 17.45-19.00) Free entry

Saturdays and Festive vigil

      • 8.00-12.45 (Cloister: 8.30-12.30):
        Free entry
      • 13.00-17-30: Entry with donation
      • 17.45-19.30(Cloister 17.45-19.00) Free entry

Sundays and holidays

      • 8.00-13.45 (Claustre: 8.30-13.00): Free entry
      • 14.00-17-00 : Entry with donation
      • 17.15-20.00(Cloister 17.45-19.00) Free entry