Cripta Gaudí

Antoni Gaudí – Gaudí ’s Crypt and Colonia Güell


Discover Gaudí ’s most hidden treasure, the Gaudí Crypt which is located inside the Colonia Güell.

Colonia Güell a textile village packed with surprises just 20 minutes outside Barcelona.It captivates many tourists because of its charm and the tranquility this vestige of the Modernist era inspires through the palpable 19th century atmosphere kept alive between its streets and buildings. Nowadays, an important piece of historic and artistic heritage remains in the Colonia Güell.

Visitors can walk around Colonia Güell and observe the beautiful, singular buildings created by modernist architects where on can see the most typical characteristics of that movement. .


Gaudí’s Crypt at the church of Colonia Güell is a real treat for Gaudí fans – known as the workshop of the Sagrada Familia. The Crypt at Colonia Güell, which was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2005, reveals the magic of Gaudí’s architectural genius. The technique Gaudí used to design the church was to hang little bags of birdshot from strings. Gravity would pull these bags downwards, giving even weight distribution and stretching the strings to form a model structure, thus showing him the shapes and angles his pillars would need to be. By photographing the model, then inverting the photograph, Gaudí could then see the model as it should look. A replica of his model for the crypt is in the Museum under the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.It’s Gaudi´s only work in the village that housed the workers of a textile factory, but the whole village is full of modernist architecture and well worth a visit.

The Colonia Güell gives visitors the opportunity to explore its streets while admiring the most important Catalan art-nouveau or modernist buildings in the life of the village, which are of great architectural interest.

Visitors can also visit the Interpretation Centre inside the former workers’ cooperative. The centre has a permanent exhibition that provides the keys to understanding the village as a whole and the church in particular.