Crepes al Born, Barcelona

Creps al Born – Bar creperie

Are you looking for a place to give your taste buds a special treat?

Creps al Born is a great bar restaurant which serves delicious food and great cocktails. It is a place that definitely will leave you satisfied and happy!


As the name suggests it is located in el Born which is one of the trendiest Barcelona neighborhood. It was opened in 2009. What happens in the local Creps al Born is extraordinary, or at least seen rarely. At first it was opened as a local specialist in pancakes,as the name Creps al Born suggests. After a couple of years a local took a turn and decided to give a twist to the local, betting strongly on cocktails, but without neglecting the option of pancakes.

The two bartenders of Creps al Born, Juan Falcon and Marco Tagliabue, are two of the regional finalists of WorldClass Competition,

the training program of world’s most prestigious bartenders.


The bartenders Juan Falcon, Marco Costantino Tagliabue and Nicolas are in charge of delighting customers with a local cocktail menu ranging from classical to the latest trends, all filtered by a professional technique and originality. This has made ​​Creps al Born, in within a short time, one of the places worth visiting in the neighborhood of Born, and by extension, in Barcelona.

The place attracts different customers: from tourists that arrive by chance and not hesitate to return to locals and even bartenders in the area who have erected their meeting place. There is no doubt that those engaged in the profession know where to find good quality.

The perfect place to infect you with the good vibes of Barcelona

The greatness of Creps al Born does not lies only in the quality of the products that they offer. For sure you will find the decoration very interesting, with shirts hanging for sale and funny quotes on the walls. The atmosphere is also very cheerful, you can watch how people enjoy putting their work on end retailers, and exude a joy that inevitably permeates every corner of the room.

If you let yourselves guide by your judgment, they will surprise you. Although if you prefer to play it safe, you can opt for any of these delicacies of the house:

Zombie: A rum-based Grandfather, a mixture of liquor, macerated pineapple, lime, and sugar and cinnamon syrup, decorated with shell with passion fruit liqueur flambé.


Solero: vodka, passion fruit, vanilla syrup, milk, half fresh passion fruit and passion fruit foam. Attention: Served in a glass milk bottle.


And there’s more: do not let slip the opportunity to test their Acapulco, the Pornstar, or Espresso Martini.

Address:  Passeig del Born, 12 Barcelona, 08003

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