The Color Run by Desigual

Are you ready to take the ’happiest 5k on the planet’?

The color run is an event that combines fun, sport,music and splashes of vibrant hues.

Color run

It promotes healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together to participate in the “Happiest 5k on the Planet”. This is the original paint race and have created a completely new genre of running events that continues to grow exponentially ever since it was founded in March 2011.

The 2015 Shine Tour is designed to uplift and inspire runners to stand out from the crowd, sweat sparkles, and continue to live their lives in a happy and healthy way. Get ready for special sparkle attractions on the course, glamorous photo ops, and new shine elements at the Finish Festival! This is the year to unleash your inner sparkle!

Color Run

The Color Run arrives in Barcelona on June 7 sponsored by the clothing giant Desigual.The Color Run is a five-kilometer, un-timed race in which thousands of participants, or “Color Runners”, are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer. There are only two rules, and the idea is easy to follow,FIrst,the participants should wear white at the starting line and finish plastered in color!


Color Run

The event is all about having fun.It is focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle. More than half of the participants are first-time 5k runners and the event is making headway on the national focus of improving health and wellness.

Seeing how happy The Color Run has made people has been tremendously rewarding. It is an event for all fitness levels, ages and backgrounds.The tag line, “The Happiest 5k on the planet”, was created after seeing the expressions of pure joy from participants.

The event was inspired by the giant “festival of color” in the style of the rainbow.

All participants will experience a magic show and have a memory of happiness for life!The goal is to have a wonderful time and enjoy the music and the rain of colors!Want to add some happiness to your life?

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Color run Barcelona

Point of departure, arrival and concert

Departure: Avenida Rius i Taulet Arrival: Avenida Rius i Taulet Concert: Avenida Maria Cristina

Timetable collection of numbers:
in the headquarters of Desigual, Passeig Mare Nostrum 15, 08039 Barcelona.Next to the Hotel W.
Thursday June 4 from 15h to 20h.
Friday June 5 from 10am to 20pm.
Saturday June 6 from 10am to 20pm.
On Sunday June 7 NOT any stock broker will be delivered.

Race hours:
Sunday June 7 at 9 1st start of the race
Sunday 7 June 10am to 14pm Festival Zone The Color Run by Desigual 

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