Foc Latin Food and Drinks in Barceloneta

Located in Barceloneta near port Vell,Foc is a hot and spicy cafe with classic Latin food and drinks.It is one of the liveliest spots in the neighborhood,either in winter or in the summer there are always people eating and sipping cocktails.Although they don not have Latin blood,they have a shared passion for Latin America through travel,friends and family.

They serve classic dishes from all over Latin America but their focus is mainly on Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.The portions are satisfying and served casually. They are doing their best to make you feel at home (in Latin America) and use only fresh seasonal ingredients.

Foc. Comida y bebidas latinas en la Barceloneta

They serve petacones,which is a criollo delicacy from ancient indigenous cuisine.In Colombia and the Caribbean it is called patacon,but in Venezuela and Cental America it is known as toson. Both names refer to coin names during the colonial times.

You should also try the coxinhas which are type of croquettes, the most popular street food in Brazil. Even though you can find them everywhere,the recipe changes from one region to another..but none is as ¨gostosa¨as in Foc!

Another thing that we may recommend you are the Yuca Fries.These are homemade yuca fries with chipotle mayonnaise.Yuca is the Latin-American potato.It is as popular in food as in popular sayings:is someone tells you ¨no tengo ni para la yuca¨ it means that you have to pay the bill because your friend has no money at all.

If you are a fish fan, you should also try Moqueca Nahiana which is Brazilian stew with white fish,prawns,coconut milk and coriander,accompanied with rice. Moqueca is a timeless indigenous dish from Brazil.The Bahiana do Bahia and the Capixaba do Espirito Santo are rivals and both believe to have the original recipe.In Foc,they love the Bahiana!

Foc. Comida y bebidas latinas en la Barceloneta

Foc is also a great place to enjoy sipping cocktails!The cocktail menu is extensive and innovative with a great selection of fruity drinks!

The atmosphere is very international , you feel like you’re on vacation on the other side of the planet! Moreover, Foc is open 365 hot days per year!We recommend you to make a reservation before going there because it is always full of people.Have in mind that they do not accept group reservations for more than 10 people and reservations on the weekends!

Addess:Paseo Joan de Borbó 66, 08003 Barcelona

Phone: 0034932241153

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